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Two community intro

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  • Current and past RuneScape display names:
    07 Names: Not Famouss, IFamous, Sciatica, 2w0
  • Preferred name:
  • Timezone:
  • Combat level:
  • Do you have barrows gloves:
  • Previous and current clans/teams (pre-eoc and 07):
    Tha Outlawz, Don't Panic, Team 2ez, The New Beginning, Sanity, Adrenaline
  • Do you know anybody in Sanity? If so who? Please note that you will need at least 1 referral:
    Dat, jack, sully, 0ops; pretty much OG's in beginning of Sanity
  • How did you find out about Sanity:
    Past member/RSB
  • Are you aware that any scamming/hacking will result in a permanent ban from the clan and you being reported to Rsjustice:
  • Why do you wish to join Sanity and what do you enjoy doing in the game:
  • Provide evidence of TeamSpeak being downloaded (printscreen of it open or a desktop icon etc):
    Believe me I have it.
  • Are you interested in warring:
  • Have you read the thread explaining the application process:
  • Would you like to add anything:
    Palpatine owes me divine still, Selling 0ops AGS'd out clip

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yo welcome. gl

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not totally sure if i recognise the name? got a bit more on ur background?

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