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Neverlift Introduction ITS OFFICIAL! IM BACK!

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Current RSN: Neverlift


Previous RSN(s): OS Neverlift, PvM Neverlift, PvM Dropdead, PvM BodyM0ds plus more.


Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png):


Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Serenity, Sanity and a few more various over the years.


Do you know anybody in Sanity: Yes, Joshan, Black Herb, Vindicate and a bunch more.


Tell us about yourself: 

Call me Lifty, 25 from south east England.


Anything else you would like to add: 


Hi, im Lifty.

Its possible you may know of me.

I have been playing osrs since not long after release and have played rs since early 2000's

I was a high council member of serenity and the early stages of sanity, however due to personal issues i had to leave the game around 2016, recently i have been able to play again.


Applying to re-join this clan with my friends is the offical "im Back Bitches!" moment, i didnt want to re-apply until i was sure i could be a productive member.

I am very proud of what we did in serenity and the begining of sanity and i am very glad to know its still doing very well.


Be sure to look out for my pvm drop log on the forums, if its like my old one it should be an interesting log, i will once again be the whip king...


Looking forward to meeting those of you which i have not had the pleasure of meeting yet.




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Hi - Welcome back 

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Heard good things about you. 

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