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  1. Current and past RSN(s):Monkfish2, Snugglecub, Big texan, Iceman1547 Preferred name: old man Timezone: eastern Combat level:126 Do you have barrows gloves: yes Previous and current clans/teams (pre-eoc and 07): Sot, GB, WF, AK, stud unit, sanity Do you know anybody in Sanity? If so, who? Please note that you will need at least 1 referral: Chuuch(well he was in the clan, invited me a while back but i went inactive and got removed) How did you find out about Sanity: friends and wars Are you aware that any scamming/hacking will result in a permanent ban from the clan and you being reported to Rsjustice: yes Why do you wish to join Sanity and who do you enjoy doing in the game: Relaxed group of dudes, and wars. I do a lot of pking and raids 1/TOB Provide evidence of TeamSpeak being downloaded (printscreen of it open, or a desktop icon, etc): Teamspeak what is it pre eoc, its all about that disc. Im in the discord Are you interested in warring: all day every day as long as the weather permits Have you read the thread explaining the trial member process: Tbh no but I'm going to go back and read it now incase theres any of those hidden phrases I'm suppose to put in this Would you like to add anything: I enjoy corn bread and chili if its cooked just right, while in the company of a beautiful apple bottomed woman with dimples right above the buttocks.