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  1. Blob -_-

    lmfao wuu2 @Blob
  2. Pity

    Hey Josh! Good to see you around.
  3. Last person to comment wins 10M

    save your jokes for later this topic gonna be active for a while
  4. LUCAS76

    Aren't you currently in AV with me and Arad lol
  5. runescape!!!!!!!!!

    bob u da best!!!! newcomer
  6. (ACCEPTED) Let's do this.

    gl mr. accepted
  7. back2back btw

    sounds like us tbh. we da best. we dem boyz!!!
  8. rip hcim v2

    got me
  9. bad game

    what lol
  10. Meat Veng beat the case

    @Acid Range wish this happened to u
  11. Herro my name Hank

    ye I hope so got my eyes on u xd lol
  12. Herro my name Hank

    @Hank hey wtf lol wassup
  13. {LEAKED} Carl's childhood

  14. [ACCEPTED] Alrite's Application

    hello enjoy what finding your old rs addiction feels like
  15. [ACCEPTED] s k ii lz z App

    friend of jajack eh? u like dmm?