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  1. Needs to be an NSFW tag for rd 1.
  2. @jajack @rose

    - Jajack probably
  3. Honestly i just assume we're down an op if Carl is in. Stops me from being disappointed.
  4. loot from one yellow bead

    GL on your Trial Membership if you think a BTW is gonna get into this clan!
  5. loot from one yellow bead

    The GE sells them.
  6. we heckin did it men

  7. “Who remembers when”

    Who remembers when we nearly lost to DI in the pvp tournament because Joshan, Palp, and like 4 other people got into a barrage pile. I 'member.
  8. RateMeh dies to a med level

    > Nearly wins 1v1 in SDMM finals while being DDoSed by RoT > Dies to med lvl shitter. > #justratemehthings
  9. Guzzle Me's Services

    Child labour laws in the United States are gonna shut this illegal practice down.
  10. Moses Community Intro

    Welcome to the community.

    Didn't we get into a 5-man barrage pile? And we're only down by 1 run? That's the real story.
  12. Gratz on pet but.... that one? Ewww
  13. call me gendry

    Disappointed. Was expecting 99 sailing/rowing meme.
  14. jajack enterprises wins again...

    What's the % finders fee Vindi is charging?