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  1. Last person to comment wins 10M

    Wheres our Fornight!?!?!?!? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Last person to comment wins 10M

    Dinkle doesnt have Ahrims!
  3. So I was watching this YouTube video...

    this is what the younger generation has come too!
  4. Playdead Anniversary fight (vid)

    Don't know who had a better speech... Mel Gibson in Braveheart or this guy!!!
  5. dinky's hcim

  6. @jajack @rose

    is Rose gonna vacuum Jack's room now?
  7. Dingleberry 1.0 | Talk the talk | Walk the walk

    cmon guys its one of his spelling words this week and he has to try and use it in a sentence!!!
  8. Dingleberry 1.0 | Talk the talk | Walk the walk

    so does this mean he will be per muted on ts and discord?
  9. Dinkle 2.0

    Real logic here!!!!!!!
  10. Nav Season Community Introduction

    just spam #WSU at Carl and you'll be good!!
  11. Sanity Corp Adventures

    Why is this a post??? Is Carl trolling???
  12. Sanity Workout Log

    Yo you can be eating pizza crumbs out of your belly button!!!
  13. Sanity Workout Log

    I thought you got condoms last night because your panis was too big for the others???
  14. Girl says hello 2 sanity

    Why am I always trolling??? We are pretty much neighbors