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    Also, I'm a redneck hick from Alabama.
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    Is this THE bbal?
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    will give you a brick for ass pics
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    Through the asshole is better.
  5. Current RSN: OS Ninjuhman Previous RSN(s): DankNeckMeat, a couple others I honestly can't think of. Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): I somewhat led The Kings of Chaos in 2006-2007. It was a tight knit clan of about 20-30 guys. We Multi'd in P2P & F2P I was in Reign of Terror in late 2008. I wasn't there long before I quit the game and became a Retired member. Do you know anybody in Sanity: I don't, but I've been hanging out in the chat. Tell us about yourself: I'm in my mid 20s, self-employed (I can pretty much play all the time), and enjoy the FWUK out of the game. I'm giving you guys an intro knowing I don't meet the reqs to get in, but I'm working on it over the next week or so. I also play a little bit of Overwatch ranked (high plat, low diamond). I also live off cocaine and Redbull. Anything else you would like to add: I started this game back when I was fucking 13 years old in 2004. My old name was Ninjuhman (hence OS Ninjuhman). It's a dumb fucking name I know, but it's been my identity in the game. I playeed from 2004-2008 and ended up giving my account away to a friend who was using it to phish people in the GE. I returned to OSRS sometime last summer. I found you guys on the forums and watched a couple of your videos on YT. Definitely love the type of personalities in this clan. I was a big clan guy back before I quit in 2008. I enjoy playing solo sometimes, but I belong in a group when it comes to these types of games.