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  1. Rebuild on - 980M

    Struggling to Get much time on till i get internet in tomorrow but some loot pictures Random Pk http://i67.tinypic.com/p93s9.jpg 2hours of Rev's http://i67.tinypic.com/350o4rk.png
  2. Lil Zik on my Dik

    Only Zik you want on your dick. Gz mate
  3. Liftys Drop Log

    Nice man Great loot ! Unlucky on the trident or Tentacle
  4. Rebuild on - 980M

    Actually get kills just using that set up?
  5. Rebuild on - 980M

    Reserved for Day 4 xD
  6. So i have been talking to a few of you guys and i thought i might make a little progress thread on my rebuild. 979M i decided to stake when i was Pis*ed when i was on a big winning streak. Anyway Quit and now im back rebuilding. ( First 3 day's i haven't got Pictures as i have just decided to make this ha. But will post pictures of Loot thread / GE sales/ Gear Im no PVP monster to be honest only learning now on my low level account so most of the rebuild will be done PVM/Clue Scrolls. Im aiming for 20m 10 days Game play Then update from there. Wish me luck Day1: 2m Day2:2m Day3:3M 02/12/2018 Day4:2.1M (Spent 500k on mats) 03/12/2018 Day5:4m ( Rev cave camp 05/12/2018 Day6:
  7. Hi community

    Current RSN: Mr.Nams Previous RSN(s): Iron Nams Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): UM Do you know anybody in Sanity: not really but talking to you's ha Tell us about yourself: Well im 27 Live in north east England. I work as a Roofer so most of my day is spent on a roof. The other half (4 times a week) Are spent on the mats Doing BJJ. Im very laid back guy and easy to get on with as im sure you's will find out. Anything else you would like to add: