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  1. reddit hivemind

    I see triggered non pvpers 💦💦💦
  2. Ninjuh Community Intro

    Nice @Baku does the same
  3. hello

    I did it
  4. Who's The Gayest Person In The Clan

    Ill Send dog shit to your door, you autistic hotdog
  5. Ninjuh Community Intro

    Do you inhale crack up your nose
  6. HArwo it me

    Yeahhh you werent there definitely during that time my user currently back then was angelsanyo or destinykins
  7. HArwo it me

    HI HIGH Woah what was your original rsn? I was in it when warlock and dave were leaders and sangre and kmd was high council Harwo Omg yes youre such a cutie
  8. HArwo it me

    Oui oui monsieur Cwt, cwl, cwp but these are pre eoc
  9. Who's The Gayest Person In The Clan

    I think bakus gay looks like a chinchilla on a stick with rabbies
  10. HArwo it me

    I didnt realize taylor swift played this game
  11. HArwo it me

    Current RSN: maybe diana Previous RSN(s): ur mom gei Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Im lvl 3 with all lvl 1 stats, dont make me post it Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Castle wars clans but it's irrelevant Do you know anybody in Sanity: maybe Tell us about yourself: Im gay but we can be friends also thanks for welcoming me when i joined your discs niggas Anything else you would like to add: rose will u marry me