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  1. Current RSN: ClawBallista Previous RSN(s): Snowpenguin , LazerR Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Vendetta 2016 - 2017 closed "Member" : this is where I started my clanning and didn`t really know much about clanning at all so I learned alot there and quickly fell in love with clanning. Infamous 2016 - 2017 closed "Officer" - Me and some people from vendetta started Infamous after Vendetta closed , not much to say had fun here tbh. Sovereign 2017-2017 left "special guest" - did intro but left after like 2 days because i didn`t like the people in there. Brutality 2017-2017 kicked "intro" - 1 week in brut before i was kicked cause of spy paranoia. Revenant "Senior member" (current) - Joined rev early 2017 for the first time then left to try out Rot but never introed because i quit the game and didn`t really like it in there , then i came back to Revenant after the summer and im still here there as an Senior member and like it alot Flamingos "member" (current) - Joined early 2017 and are still there Team-Sweden "Leader" (current) : Me and my good mate ff20 go next started up Teamsweden mid 2018 and were currently growing and having alot of fun with the clan. Do you know anybody in Sanity: Yee @jajack good guy Tell us about yourself: Im 18 years old from sweden, like to play runescape and hang around with friends on my sparetime . Currently studying my last year as an economic in Swedish high school Anything else you would like to add: Looking forward to your Tournament , gonna be fun !:)