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  1. DidThisdrunk Is Sober this time

    Thanks mate !
  2. Current RSN:Didthisdrunk Previous RSN(s):eum im the real thing Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07):none im better on my own lol Do you know anybody in Sanity:Black Herb, he asked me to join this clan after I smashed him in a hybrid fight no just kidding he told me everyone was as nice as him and if thats true this is some amazing Pk / raid Clan Tell us about yourself: i'm 28 years old, been playing since i was like 12, but I stopped playing after the bounty world came out, hated that update! Anything else you would like to add: i would love to come PK / raid but then again, after a long break in a rs , I made this account and trained it the fastest as I could ( 5 months old now) but dont have the wide Experience about everything, still need to learn all the bosses and never done raids before.. I know right , I hope you guys can teach me, i'm a fair fighter, whats yours is yours and whats mine is mine, i dont backstack or cheat on ppl , i rather prefer losing 1B then losing good friends how gay it also seems haha