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  1. Liftys Drop Log

  2. Help me find a song

    Damn pretty sure thats it, thanks!
  3. Help me find a song

    So i was listening to "survival tactics - Joey badass" and the police/airhorn siron from 0:03 to 0:10 triggered something in me. Im pretty sure ive heard it before in a hiphop/rap song that used to be in some +-2005-2010 pking vids.. Around the time of bounty hunter crates iirc.. Pretty sure the siren was just in the intro of the song and not persistent through the rest of it. Can anyone help me out here? It is not: Lil wayne - fireman bobby smurda Sound of da police
  4. cj11 community intro

    hello I was commanded to reply to this thread so hereby i welcome you to our close knit community
  5. Let's make a story

    Once upon a time rev cummies got on my horse, but then carl ate it. After he ate he was craving some loving from iceman's little sister and a fleshlight. Flutten cucked WhatAreThose, she sucked his toes while getting cummies from jajack and Roses dad. Dinkle lost ahrims when his teacher fisted his nostril

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