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  1. Brandon Intro

    Some pure max gear vids of mine
  2. Brandon Intro

    Current RSN: BRLGADE Previous RSN(s): ON MY FLAG, Herea, Best Matched, ImTheAss, FBCD, Hotgun as a troll on my pure. Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Clans: Fatality - Current pure clan Cutthroat Divine Forces Violent Resolution The Rising JAJA Teams: Seals - Current Potent (Pures) - Current Leader Flip Flops Adversity Martians Supreme Hatred Rs Convicts Drunk Pkers I'll list most relevant pure clans I was in as well Final Ownage Elite - Officer Olympus - Officer Invictus - Officer Unbreakable - Veteran Do you know anybody in Sanity: Paul joining Tell us about yourself: Anything else you would like to add: While I've been in many teams/clans I've never done max gear warring other than pure cwa and would like to get into it. You guys also pvm which is sick always looking for people to raid with. I don't know anyone here on a personal level besides Paul who just apped, although I've fought along side many of the boys here in cwa teams. I'm also the one hosting the Sharkbrew Main Tournament.