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  1. Last person to comment wins 10M

    zz just gimi the mony
  2. Nando's Solo Raid's Log

    stupid rng where's my tbow
  3. Last person to comment wins 10M

    no one's gonna win l0l someone hit off forums for 2 weeks!
  4. Brandon Intro

    wasup dude
  5. more proof that #gmt is best

    pls give me split
  6. Whip's Intro

    didn't wanna post a half assed main like 2more weeks n im done
  7. Whip's Intro

    Current RSN: Coonviction Previous RSN(s): im whip prod|Whipp prod|Whipp lash69|bunch of other name changes Picture of your stats: Currently working on 99 ranged and then I'll probably work towards 98 prayer. Also working on 2K total during my free time. Current & Previous Clans (07 & Pre-eoc): Divine Wrath - kicked (2009-2010) -MEMBER 420Pkers - closed (2011-mid 2011) -MEMBER FrozenFury - Eoc came and they closed while i quit(mid 2011- mid 2012) -MEMBER Jaja - Was in ff/jaja at the same time and Eoc came and i quit (mid 2011- mid 2012) -SENIOR MEMBER Infliciton - closed ( mid 2016 - end of 2016) MEMBER The United Fighters - closed within 15 days (early 2017) MEMBER Chilvary Legion - Left in 2months (2017 -Feburary 2017) ELITE MEMBER Jaja - Left for pd (2015 - 2016) LENGEND Playdead - (2017 - Current) WARLORD Currently in Seals ( Cwa Team ) Do you know anybody in Sanity: Jake, Josh|Imid Tell us about yourself: I'm Whip and I've been playing rs since i was like 8 this shits addicting. I was always into max gear warring but yk the arena happens ufeelme? Anything else you want to add: