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    wasup dude
  2. more proof that #gmt is best

    pls give me split
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    didn't wanna post a half assed main like 2more weeks n im done
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    Current RSN: Coonviction Previous RSN(s): im whip prod|Whipp prod|Whipp lash69|bunch of other name changes Picture of your stats: Currently working on 99 ranged and then I'll probably work towards 98 prayer. Also working on 2K total during my free time. Current & Previous Clans (07 & Pre-eoc): Divine Wrath - kicked (2009-2010) -MEMBER 420Pkers - closed (2011-mid 2011) -MEMBER FrozenFury - Eoc came and they closed while i quit(mid 2011- mid 2012) -MEMBER Jaja - Was in ff/jaja at the same time and Eoc came and i quit (mid 2011- mid 2012) -SENIOR MEMBER Infliciton - closed ( mid 2016 - end of 2016) MEMBER The United Fighters - closed within 15 days (early 2017) MEMBER Chilvary Legion - Left in 2months (2017 -Feburary 2017) ELITE MEMBER Jaja - Left for pd (2015 - 2016) LENGEND Playdead - (2017 - Current) WARLORD Currently in Seals ( Cwa Team ) Do you know anybody in Sanity: Jake, Josh|Imid Tell us about yourself: I'm Whip and I've been playing rs since i was like 8 this shits addicting. I was always into max gear warring but yk the arena happens ufeelme? Anything else you want to add: