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  1. rude attitude towards a new trial member ... smh
  2. good thing you didn't list jajack on who you know, now your worth more welcome
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    hey fam
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    Hey buddy
  5. Current RSN: Lithium Previous RSN(s): Throughsin Picture of your stats: Current & Previous Clans (07 & Pre-eoc): 'The' Clan - Summer 2016 til they closed Downfall - Summer of 2016 til they closed Playdead - Fall of 2016 - Current (Council in PD) Cwa: Seals/SE Do you know anybody in Sanity: Grant from PD, most people from seals Tell us about yourself: My name is Jake, I have about 2 weeks until I graduate as an engineer. I am Canadian + love sports/outdoors. Anything else you want to add: Hi