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  1. Matt [Got HP] Trial Activity

    Dat said your dick was too big, so it's a no from me
  2. ImSoStoned Application

    Heard you're gay, welcome
  3. pretty sure you weren't online for it cos i think Dan was calling, he banned me from the next 2 wars for not focusing on pile lmao
  4. Dunno if you remember this one @Alrite was shortly after Viper Keemono scammed brads so was trying to snipe him lmao
  5. Last person to comment wins 10M

    no 10m today
  6. Sanity Clan History

    so, how much is reverify paying you? was my idea nigga september '18 get at me ya lil bitch dog ass looking faggot @dat
  7. Last person to comment wins 10M

    Had to make this 10m somewhere..
  8. Rob

    🤷♀️ good luck with your application sir