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  1. Arma Pet

    wtf gz
  2. Last person to comment wins 10M

    ez money really
  3. Pups vs Apex (pures)

    good tank great way to start the vid
  4. I haven’t slept in 34 hours

  5. Pups vs Foe pure mini

    illenium - needed you
  6. Pups vs Foe pure mini

    uhh today we had some combination me, derek, reas, kye, giggs, bash, pasco, moni, vaizki, it's basically a Sanity+Adren team that are making pures none of us are even maxed yet also beat apex
  7. Pups vs Foe pure mini

    if you have a pure and wanna do these fights lmk, we do them pretty much daily
  8. dinky's hcim

    fucking lol dude
  9. back2back btw

    the 2 time
  10. rip hcim v2

    why are you doing these quests at such low hp/stats? just go rock crabs for a week
  11. fall's intro

    yo dude
  12. Pasco's Intro

    welcome #pups
  13. Intro