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  1. Hello everybunny

    Welcome! hope you beat your 12 day ts streak @m0saic
  2. Sad Boys Best Drop Ever

    damn nice loot, 77kc unreal
  3. Skin Maxes!

    gzzzzzzzz bro! now take a break from vork and raid with me
  4. 2O0's intro

    gotta love football. go birds. superbowl champs. yeee yeee. welcome
  5. Sick Gains

    keep it up but really.... tassy over zenyte? get that anguish lol
  6. :D

  7. Such a waste of RNG

    Well I went back to Cerb after i got hellpuppy during the March PVM comp and this happened...... Yup... B2B
  8. 1/4

    congrats 15 years to go
  9. Splizz Community Introduction

    welcome spizz