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  1. The choice is yours

  2. Last person to comment wins 10M

    shut the fuck up jack u cheating bitch
  3. Blob -_-

  4. my raids 1 luck is nuts

    big gz boob
  5. This Fortnight in Sanity #24

    took u long enuf
  6. Cory's first pk video

    sick dude wtf
  7. PK Trip 8/1 - ZGS, 3x full veracs

    hope u didnt lose another dds ):
  8. Hello everybunny

    i like where this is going
  9. This Fortnight in Sanity #23

  10. Hello everybunny

    sorry its only 2 jack never her i love her <3
  11. Hello everybunny

    shut up bitch
  12. @paul

    that was a good read thank you
  13. 6th family member

    my pets are pretty cool tyvm
  14. Hello everybunny

    shocker jack doesnt know what a girl is honestly pretty gay
  15. 6th family member

    ur only 1 up on me but i like a challenge .
  16. Do you

    tbh i also do both ...
  17. 6th family member

    ayyy we all own sully jr's now and feels bad when dinkie has more pets than u now ):
  18. Hello everybunny

    hi baby
  19. Arget 99 Cooking

    but no one came to my 99 slayer party smh gratz tho
  20. important vote

    rigged tbh
  21. dmm pk videyo

    das a dislike
  22. honestly.... stfu lol. 

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  23. 2O0's intro

  24. @jajack @rose

    lmao stfu loser
  25. @jajack @rose

    how do i report topics fake news