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    so, how much is reverify paying you? was my idea nigga september '18 get at me ya lil bitch dog ass looking faggot @dat
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    Current RSN: L00O00O0OOL Previous RSN(s): B0BBY SMURDA, WG God, GODATPVP Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Currently in WG, but wanting more of a warring type of clan, (looks really fun) before that stuck around with LoK small pvm/pk group then smile brought me over here! Do you know anybody in Sanity: No, just wanting to know everyone in here! Tell us about yourself: I am 24 years old, living in Michigan. During the winter time I love to go out and to shred on some gnar - Currently working for the state while being in the national guard at the same time. Pretty active on runescape, besides from pking I love to go skilling etc - trying to get 89 agility as of right now. I am not that knowledgeable about the pvm side of things but that stuff does interest me, one damn day ill get a freaking t-bow just need some RNG Jesus by my side lmfao. Anything else you would like to add: Just looking forward to meet with everyone here and to make new relationships with everyone! Thanks!
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    Probably the last video for a while unless I get help recording/editing from clan members. Takes way too much out of my weekend to edit videos <3
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    enjoy and feel free to flame as this was a bad fight on my behalf
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    Current and past RuneScape display names: CHIPSnSALSA, NITTYGRITTY Preferred name: Mishani Timezone: -8 Combat level: 124 Do you have barrows gloves: yass Previous and current clans/teams (pre-eoc and 07): Castle Wars Envisioned and CWC, not really clans, but yeah... lol Do you know anybody in Sanity? If so who? Please note that you will need at least 1 referral: idk anyjuan How did you find out about Sanity: Forums and that one tournament Are you aware that any scamming/hacking will result in a permanent ban from the clan and you being reported to Rsjustice: yass Why do you wish to join Sanity and what do you enjoy doing in the game: I want to do Arma with that one guy who has like a 2k kill count and maybe war. I enjoy CW the most, but i've been lazy about getting the full set... RIP Provide evidence of TeamSpeak being downloaded (printscreen of it open or a desktop icon etc): https://puu.sh/CPKG5.jpg Are you interested in warring: sure Have you read the thread explaining the application process: yass Would you like to add anything: I work at Amazon : ^ ) I see all of the dildos you buy : ^ )
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    Hope to list a complete clan history, including previous leaders/council/warlords, accomplishments, etc idea from @Reverify
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    glad to see this is going well
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    Biggest up for guzzle recommended 100% goodest cunt big kiss :*
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    no one's gonna win l0l someone hit off forums for 2 weeks!
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    Service for Bes Task: 59-77 RC Time Quoted: No Time Quoted (Essence) Time taken: IDK, off and on (Essence) Cost: 154m Status: Done
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    respect the grind, keep earning that bread
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    yes ty tate, love u to
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    Service for Bes Task: Troll Romance, Underground Pass, Fremmy Isles, Corsair Curse, Olaf's Quest, Haunted Mine, Enakhra's Lament, Forgettable Tale, Garden of Tranquility, In Search of Myreque, In Aid of Myreque, Tai Bwo Wanni Trio, Watch Tower, Enlightened Journey, Rage and Bone Man Time Quoted: No Time Quoted Time taken: IDK, off and on Cost: 41m Status: Done