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    I was able to get 99 farm last week, 99 slayer today. FEELS GOOD
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    Current and past RSN(s): Gang Member Preferred name: G-Rant Timezone: Central Combat level: 126 Do you have barrows gloves: Ofc Previous and current clans/teams (pre-eoc and 07): Sanity, EZ, PD and Res Do you know anybody in Sanity? If so, who? Please note that you will need at least 1 referral: Yes, Bob is my ref How did you find out about Sanity: NA Are you aware that any scamming/hacking will result in a permanent ban from the clan and you being reported to Rsjustice: Yes Sir Why do you wish to join Sanity and who do you enjoy doing in the game: PVM buddies Provide evidence of TeamSpeak being downloaded (printscreen of it open, or a desktop icon, etc): Are you interested in warring: Casually Have you read the thread explaining the trial member process: Yes Would you like to add anything: Previous member hoping to make a come back