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Congratulations Alrite on Member of the Month!


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    i fucked @Bob once and @Bens was watching so i'd called bens pretty damn gay
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    Mosaic once kissed me goodnight and that was pretty gay
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    Current RSN: maybe diana Previous RSN(s): ur mom gei Picture of your stats (make sure your link ends in .png): Im lvl 3 with all lvl 1 stats, dont make me post it Current & previous clans (pre-eoc & 07): Castle wars clans but it's irrelevant Do you know anybody in Sanity: maybe Tell us about yourself: Im gay but we can be friends also thanks for welcoming me when i joined your discs niggas Anything else you would like to add: rose will u marry me
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    prob me i say some gay shit to females
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    Well boys, I finally did it. Took me way longer than it should have just because I got so angry due to the craws bow crashing so hard. It kind of discouraged me. But now its all over and i basically broke even. I got vorki along the way tho :P. Thinking about doing 95-99 defence at revs with the chainmace but not too sure yet. Anyway, goodluck with yalls drops and enjoy the juicy loot tab.
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    I think bakus gay looks like a chinchilla on a stick with rabbies
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    Hmm I'd say Stu, I know this from first hand experience.
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    Baku, didn’t you offer to suck off some members if they were ever in your area to show men do it better..?
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    Welcome I'm his ref btw
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    Yeah idc but its Baku's birthday today it might be a little late but wish him a happy birthday please and thank you ~ love rose
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    9 kc btw @Baku https://gyazo.com/fa045c577a185c8cd7fd0c82e6a8bf97
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    Congratulations girlie!!
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    can u stop sucking his dick so hard like god
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    i've never wanted to kill myself until now
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    Hard Clue Scroll Lobster x 13 Charge Dragonstone Jewellery x 9 Black D'hide Chaps x 1 Rune Kite Shield x 1 Rune Platskirt x 1 Total 81,541
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    Elite Clue Scroll Coins x 11,779 Blood Rune x 55 Oak Plank x 79 Onyx Bolt Tips x 10 Total 150,101
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    least i got the cape lmfao dumb ass
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    ts leak @ 8:04 on the adrenaline fight
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    GL on the drop log
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    ayyye respect keep it going
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    Nice man Great loot ! Unlucky on the trident or Tentacle
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    Hell yeah brother
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    Discovered a lot of new music cause of snowboarding videos/other boarders. 10/10
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    Ever since you stopped dating Rose your taste in music got so much better
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    thankfully there is only one bball
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    Me clik spell gud u suk
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    pipe it up dab pipe it up dab
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    Ill Send dog shit to your door, you autistic hotdog
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    these baku recruits r something else hi
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    you mean from a right hand experience?
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    baku said he would send me dick pics when for christmas
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    I can tell you how to turn it to 112.6m
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    Sick total lvl u must pk a lot
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    ~ Hello new applicant ~ You must meet the following requirements for Trial Member. 110+ Combat 94+ Mage or 90+ range 75+ Defence 70+ Prayer Be willing to use Teamspeak Barrows Gloves 1 Referral Once you post your application and are accepted into the clan you have a minimum of two weeks to complete one of the following routes in order to become a full clan member: Attend (2) inter-clan events Attend (1) inter-clan event and (2) normal clan events Offsite + Teamspeak Activity Once we feel you are ready for full member you will be automatically given it. Best of luck!