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  3. Last person to comment wins 10M

    @WhatAreThoseIm out. GL on 10m
  4. Liftys Drop Log

    15 Fossil island wyverns slayer assignment (Ancient) Task: 606 Wyvern bones x 15 Rune arrow x 76 Numulite x 157 Onyx bolt tips x 11 Mohogany logs x 25 Grimy ranarr weed x 4 Rune pickaxe x 1 Battlestaff x 12 Super combat potion (2) x 1 Grimy torstol x 1 Rune battleaxe x 1 Total: 332,972gp
  5. Liftys Drop Log

    165 Smoke devils slayer assignment (Thermonuclear) Task: 605 Red D'hide body x 8 Dragon scimitar x 1 Rune chainbody x 8 Rune battleaxe x 4 Rune knife (P++) x 250 Rune arrow x 200 Rune dagger x 2 Rune scimitar x 1 Dragonstone ring x 2 Fire talisman x 9 Mystic fire staff x 3 Mystic air staff x 4 Ancient staff x 1 Bullseye lantern x 2 Pure essence x 2700 Air rune x 2400 Smoke rune x 1600 Soul rune x 540 Fire rune x 150 Magic seed x 1 Grimy toadflax 30 - Diamond x 10 Coins x 337568 Coal x 150 Mithril bar x 60 Prayer potion(4) x 2 - Uncut emerald x 2 - Desert goat horn x 200 Gold ore x 400 - Magic log x 80 - Molten glass x 200 Crystal key x 1 Onyx bolt tips x 24 Total: 2,440,747gp
  6. Sanity vs Resurgence 2-0

    shark eater
  7. s0rryforthat Trial Member Application

    chill in cc to meet people + download ts
  8. Liftys Drop Log

    156 Brine rats slayer assignment Task: 603 Air rune x 18 Earth rune x 238 Blood rune x 16 Death rune x 182 Water rune x 74 Raw shark x 43 Raw lobster x 70 Brine Sabre x 2 (back to back) Total: 514,565gp
  9. Liftys Drop Log

    185 Turoth slayer assignment Task: 602 Rune dagger x 1 Grimy ranarr weed x 3 Uncut sapphire x 1 Uncut emerald x 1 Uncut diamond x 1 Snapdragon seed x 2 Coins x 4400 Nature rune x 90 Law rune x 36 Total: 194,109gp
  10. Liftys Drop Log

    172 Bloodveld slayer assignment Task: 601 Ensouled bloodveld head x 10 Mithril bar x 2 Rune dagger x 1 Rune battleaxe x 2 Rune med helm x 3 Dark totem base x 1 Dragon spear x 1 Uncut sapphire x 1 Ruby amulet x 5 Ancient shard x 3 Adamant knife x 6 Coins x 4244 Blood rune x 698 Fire rune x 900 Air rune x 1050 Soul rune x 28 Total: 377,659gp
  11. s0rryforthat Trial Member Application

    Welcome dude
  12. Sanity vs Resurgence 2-0

    mo bamba
  13. s0rryforthat Trial Member Application

    welcome bro
  14. Sanity vs Resurgence 2-0

    hell yeah ty4vid
  15. Last person to comment wins 10M

    roads closed pizzaboy
  16. s0rryforthat Trial Member Application

    Welcome and get to know some people in our public cc. You need a ref and they are pretty easy to get if you really want one.
  17. Current and past RuneScape display names: S0rryforthat is the current i was wg rafik2 Preferred name: S0rryforthat Timezone: est(canada) Combat level: 123 Do you have barrows gloves: Yes Previous and current clans/teams (pre-eoc and 07): Current pvp team : Dk Do you know anybody in Sanity? If so who? Please note that you will need at least 1 referral: Nope How did you find out about Sanity: It was on a vid. Link was under. Are you aware that any scamming/hacking will result in a permanent ban from the clan and you being reported to Rsjustice: Yes Why do you wish to join Sanity and what do you enjoy doing in the game: I was looking for a pvm clan and i think i find one i just saw some of you guys streaming fornite on twtich seems chill and will like to make bank with yall ! :) Provide evidence of TeamSpeak being downloaded (printscreen of it open or a desktop icon etc): I dont use teamspeak and i wont full of hacker and everything but im on the discord : https://gyazo.com/3be649b001a081b60069186fa9c08d69 Are you interested in warring: Of course im on a pk clan to Have you read the thread explaining the application process: Yes Would you like to add anything: Lets do this :)
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  19. Liftys Drop Log

    Bank update, i hit 40m slayer tab!
  20. Liftys Drop Log

    50 Ankou slayer assignment Task: 600 Coins x 497 Blood rune x 27 Law rune x 10 Death rune x 70 Pureessence x 15 Adamant arrows x 32 Black robe top x 1 Total: 31,225gp
  21. Liftys Drop Log

    1 Skotizo Onyx bolt tips x 40 Ancient shard x 1 Total: 339,040
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